Newly diagnosed and feeling overwhelmed ?

Kicked around by all the insurance and admin stuff  ?

Are you a family member or caretaker and need some support and encouragement ? 

Then you’ve come to the right place, friend. 


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If you’re new to a journey of chronic illness, there is help. The uphill climb will render you weary and exhausted and will test your patience over and over again. It’s hard to rest when there are deadlines, schedules to coordinate, and other admin things to line up before your first visit. Here are resources to help you get started.

If you’re already diagnosed and have been traveling this road for a while, you know this journey is uphill and From practical tips for the daily grind to encouragement  for the tough times, I write and teach from the experiences of a 10-year chronic illness journey and decades in healthcare administration. I understand the pain. The complexity of the walk. Feeling kicked around by things we can’t control. You can do this. There are lots of resources here

If you’re feeling kicked around, stuck, or just overwhelmed with paperwork and the “business” side of being sick, here are great resources for getting un-stuck.