Seize the Opportunity

Well, here we go... activity hangover day. <bleh> Can I get an "Amen" ??

Some of you have read about the insurance woes and that I had to stop all RA-RD meds recently. Two weeks off metho, one week off Enbrel ... still have some prednisone ...  this morning, I could swear that my friend's 18-wheeler ran right over me while I slept. Yesterday was pretty good, had lunch with a friend, did some light housekeeping, even mowed our grass.

(Note: "mowing" our grass means riding a zero-turn, leaning back in the rider's chair, listening to a podcast, petting my goats when I go by, drinking my (un)sweet tea, and gently moving the turn-sticks forward/backward to steer). I know, right... ??!?

Then last night, I felt the uh-oh's creeping in. You probably know these unwelcome little fellas, too. We can tell when something's just not right. Felt tired last night and just "off." And I had a really, really bad headache. (Could have been the sugar detox I'm doing ??? )

This morning, first symptom I noticed was rib pain. RA/RD always starts here for me. It was hard to get going this morning, did lots of stretches/exercises in the bed to loosen up. Heat helped. When I finally got out of bed about 9:30 and stepped on the floor, my 2nd left toe was really painful. It won't bend to walk. Not had this particular symptom before. It's walking sticks for me today. My husband is off work and we were going to have a day out hiking, etc. We cancelled due to rainy weather, but even if it was sunny, I couldn't have done it today. Glad I had lunch with my friend yesterday. Otherwise, I'd have had to cancel on her, too.

My takeaway from this little mini-flare/activity hangover:

Seize the opportunities with friends and family while you can. Don't wait for a "better time" because often, there isn't one.

Rock on, Rheumies, rock on!

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