My Invisible Monday

Oh my, 15 of the last 36 hours in a car.  Surely I will die from this and the 2nd coming will be today and I'll be headin' on home... AHH!! 

(that would actually be okay, that 2nd coming thing…)

Made some wonderful memories with extended family this past weekend. Family time is so important. Though more grit is required nowadays to make it happen, family time is worth the investment.  Got to play piano for my sweet, sweet Aunt and Uncle at a family reunion/85th birthday party 7 hours away. She is bedridden, suffers with chronic illness, but her mind is sharp. About 20 of us sat around the pool and sang together, just cutting the fool and having fun like old times. It was a sweet, sweet time. I will cherish sitting at the pool side with tears streaming down my aunt's face as we all sang her favorite songs. The tears that ride on the backs of these moments yield precious memories and purge my priority list like no other phenomenon.

Then, it was off to the north side of Atlanta for some fun Falcons time!! We do some work with that great organization and got to sit with the families for their last pre-season practice. So.Much.Fun!! Sat on the grass in the hot sun for about 4 hours, worth every second!

Next, it was on to The Dillard House in Dillard, GA. A family tradition! I ate myself silly, and probably none of it was "clean" but for this southern gal, some crispy fried chicken, green beans and fried okra was a nice little indulgence.

Side Note.... "Okra" is a little green vegetable, long and skinny, with a cap that's usually cut off. It's meant to be cut into bite-sized pieces and fried, and is pronounced "okry" by the folks who eat it regularly and are well-educated on such wonderful little words as this  🙂 

Then came the morning ....

my determined spirit has written checks that my RA body can't cash this morning.  All the car riding, walking, and being in the hot sun for 4 hours...oh my. The quick out-and-backs are really hard. There are thunderstorms here this morning. And I have to teach my fitness class tonight. I limp from the bedroom to the kitchen to fix a little breakfast so that I can take my meds. Bumped up the prednisone with breakfast, so hopefully it will kick in soon. A heated mattress pad continues to be one of the best investments I've made. Ever. From the time I woke up to the time I got up took an hour. An hour of light stretching in the bed, turning on the heated mattress cover, lying there psyching myself up for that first, most intense wave of pain to push up to a sitting position in the bed. Moving the pillow is its own feat, but is part of the process, nonetheless. I can do this. It hurts less to just do it all in one movement rather than breaking it down to mini-movements. Take a deep breath and just push through. Close your eyes, it hurts less this way. Count to 4... and... GO......

This, my friends, is the "invisible" that no one sees.   

It's just as real as it is awful. And though it will pass, it's a yuck-fest in the moment. It's a high price to pay for time with family, making memories, grabbing opportunities while we can, etc., and while we all make the investment, the price can be so high. The sacrifice RA requires of me makes time with family a whole lot sweeter. These are the moments that spin my RA gaze into one of blessing. I'm thankful for these moments. 


My friends, make the memories. Balance activity with rest, but lean towards time with family and making memories that will last a lifetime. Give others the gift of your time. Or music. Or art. Or whatever your <it> is. You'll be glad you did, and they'll be blessed that you kept going for them. 

Holy moly, what a morning. Not sure if it's RA or that I'm not 20 anymore - or both!  

Rock on, Rheumies - rock on!!

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