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Chronic is hard.

The road is often difficult, and always swimming upstream is just simply exhausting, oh my word. Here’s some help with anything from daily stuff around the house to fighting with insurance, navigating the financial side of “sick,”  and more. 


~ Help for those already diagnosed ~

The Real Face of RA and Sjogrens

The Real Face of RA and Sjogren’s   Well, friends… I said from the beginning of this blogging journey that I would keep things real. Auto-immune is ugly. It’s muddy. There are parts of this invisible

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RA Fatigue: Tips to Slay the Beast

RA Fatigue: Tips to Slay the Beast It’s overwhelming. It will crush you. It’s hard to explain. Some days you cannot win over this monster. People will tell you it’s in your head. Your body will

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Join the ChronicPraise Community

Chronic is hard. Oh, my friend… so, so hard. And it’s muddy, the yucko, mushy kind of muddy. (Amen??)  But friend, it’s so much easier in community. You don’t have to go it alone. Invisible illnesses are a special kind of tough.There are people who understand. They care. They are honest. They are encouragers. 

ChronicPraise is a faith-based Facebook group where we dig in to the spiritual side of chronic. If anything is chronic in my life, I want it to be my praise! The CP community is authentic, transparent and real. You’ll find help and encouragement (and even a bit of humor) from others who understand the journey. You’ll see the real me, and I want to see the real you. We’d love to have you join us!

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