Chronic Pitfall: Me-first-ness

Chronic will trick us to a place of self-first-ness. We get baited to go there all the time. I just hate it. It’s hard to think about much of anything else when chronic pain or disease is right in your face all the time.

Chronic permeates every single thing we try to do. Even the little stuff. Ridiculous stuff. Like, I can’t hold my toothbrush. I can’t pick up that plate. I can’t pull off the toilet paper. The shirt button won’t get through the hole and I can’t tie my shoes. My hands hurt. My BP is low. My…my…my….I…I….I…..  I get it.

I promise, I get it.

Before we know it, everything we do, say, and think automatically runs through the filter of our chronic. RA. Sjogrens. Lupus. Addisons. <insert.the.right.term.>  But we are not meant to be self-first people, even when it really is quite justified. At least, in our human thinking.

Fellow CDP’s, on the contrary, we are meant to be in community and serve one another. Thinking of others helps us not to think about ourselves so much. A change in mindset. A change of focus. Sometimes the best way to get past the “ick” of a chronic day is to just serve it out. Serve. Service. Others. It just works. Every time. It elevates our mood, helps us eliminate the accidental “lazies” (by calling it “I’m sick today”), and it blesses other people, which we’re supposed to do.

So, here are a few ways to serve it out on a bad day:

  1.  Write that thank-you card. Chances are, someone needs this blessing from you.
  2.  Make that phone call. A friend or family member probably would love to hear your voice.
  3.  Bake those cookies. A piano student brought me cookies just today!
  4.  Call that friend for lunch. They’d probably love to see you and you’ll enjoy the company! 

It slips up on us, friends. It’s hard to not let it be the forefront thought of everything. Our battle is different than the average Joe’s, and we have to work harder to bypass the thing that’s in our face all the time. But be encouraged, it is do-able! You can’t be in first position if someone else is in first position. There can only be one “first” and all others are… well… not. So when you find yourself in that tricked place of unintentional, slipped-up-on-me, baited…. Me, Me, Me, I, I, I, …. bust out of it for a little while by investing in others.

Oh – and rock that smile while you’re serving…. it looks good on you! 

Disclaimer:  Information contained in this website is intended for educational purposes. It is not meant to replace your healthcare team nor as medical advice. Please contact your physician or medical professional before making any changes to your current care plan, diet, or exercise routine

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