Christmas Piano Fun

Christmas Piano Fun!

For many years, our family has enjoyed seeing Trans-Siberian Orchestra every year for Christmas. It kicks off our holiday season and gets us in the Christmas spirit!

Years ago, TSO held open auditions for musicians to earn a chance to play with the band on a performance. They had this track out there for pianists and other instrumentalists to submit videos playing with the music and a winner was chosen to perform with the band. We didn't find the accompaniment track until many years later, but it has been a fun, fun thing to play along with their band for kicks and grins at Christmastime.

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One year a student and I worked up this piano duet and have enjoyed playing it over and over. Oh my goodness, !! Those practice sessions were the ones that went for 5 or 6 hours...just because. Just because it was so stinking fun to play! Seriously, we'd finish and then look at each other, eyes wide open, grinning a big ole' cheezy grin like little kids on Christmas morning, and say, "Let's do it again!!" This went on, literally, for hours! Thankfully it was during my first RA remission and my hands would do it. So glad I grabbed the opportunity while it was there. I'm so glad I did. These are cherished memories with all my students.

Friends - take the opportunities as they come. I promise, you will not be sorry.  

I pray that God allows me use of my hands in music forever. But even if not, this particular season was a fun one, indeed. To my dear student, Olivia, who played along with me on this - take every opportunity you can to use your music to bless others. You have a beautiful gift and I'm so glad you've chosen to give it away in service to those around you. You are a blessing to so, so many people. I'm proud of you. You make my life rich. I'm really glad your mom is so persistent  😉 

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