Waiting Well: 5 Secrets to Enduring a Long Diagnosis Process

As difficult as daily life with chronic illness and autoimmunes can be, perhaps the most difficult part of the journey is figuring out what the diagnosis even is. The diagnostic process can take many months, or worse, years, to finally arrive at the name of the illness that’s now made its way to your diagnosis … Read more

No Trial, No Trust

My Fellow CDPs, there is often no other plea more gut-wrenching, more real during seasons of suffering than, “Please Lord, please… if You would, please take this pain away.” We hurt. Our hearts hurt. Our bodies hurt. We’re confused, beyond tired, and at a loss as to what our next step should be. We look … Read more

The 5 Worst Things People Say to Me about RA

You guys have been there. Hearing the same comments over and over. Some you like, some are funny and some probably get under your skin a little. Here are my hidden thoughts about some of the comments I hear all the time. I bet some of you Rheumies and CDP’s hear these, too! After 8 … Read more

Why do this?

  If you’re reading this, it means you’ve found your way to the new ChronicPraise community and decided to check it out. Thank you! Maybe you know me or someone in my family…maybe you’ve heard me speak at a conference in years’ past. Or perhaps you’ve heard that I was out for a little while … Read more

Chronic Pitfall: Me-first-ness

Chronic will trick us to a place of self-first-ness. We get baited to go there all the time. I just hate it. It’s hard to think about much of anything else when chronic pain or disease is right in your face all the time. All.day.every.day.every.hour.every.minute. Chronic permeates every single thing we try to do. Even … Read more