Hi, I’m Elisa.

I help people with chronic illness walk the daily grind of a good-hard life and find joy in the every day.

My story is Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sjogrens, Myasthenia Gravis, dysautonomia and a pacemaker. I live in the mountains of East Tennessee with my husband on a small farm. We have two dogs, seven goats and I LOVE to spend time camping in our RV. “Time in the RV” is a medication on my med list, lol

Rheumatoid arthritis rocked my world in 2009 and later came Sjogrens, dysautonomia and a pacemaker. Just last year, we added myasthenia gravis. Despite working for decades in healthcare administration, I found myself on the struggle bus of a very complicated healthcare system. It’s a full-time job just to be sick, let alone trying not to drown in the daily grind of RA and other chronic illnesses. 

So I created this site to encourage and equip patients who just like me, walk the good-hard journey of chronic pain and autoimmune disorders. You are not alone, friend.   

Welcome to my site!



Living with autoimmune disease and chronic illness just got easier.

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You CAN … 

– live a full life despite a diagnosis of chronic illness.

– plug into a community who “gets it” and will walk the journey with you.

– have positive and successful conversations with your doctor and your insurance company.

– become your own advocate and make decisions about your care.

– implement ways to better control your stress and pain.

– learn strategies to maximize savings during your deductible corridor.

– eliminate the overwhelm of living with chronic pain and illness. 

I will show you how.

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